Folkroll is a new version of rolling pins. We present you engraved rolling pins made of wood. They are excellent to emboss the pattern on a dough. The most popular way of using it is decorating cookies. However it is also great to emboss the patterns on other dough made of salt, marzipan and even ceramic mass. Nevertheless we are sure you can find your way to imprint your favourite pattern!Most of our patterns are inspired by folk motives from all over the world. But we also have a lot of other themes with animals, fruits and Christmas.

All products are made of solid beech wood and we use only edible oil to prolonge its quality. So it can be freely used in the kitchen to prepare cookies for eating.

Our products are not only for baking enthusiasts but they are excellent as gifts for every occasion. It only depends on the pattern you choose J Especially that you can order a personalized one.

We take care of each rolling pin with the high precision to make you satisfied.